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CIFS Kubernetes plugin

Kubernetes comes loaded with all sorts of volumes, but in some cases the right one is just not there: for example, CIFS (SMB) shares are not natively supported. Fortunately, there’s a convenient extension system called flexvolume that one can use to plug those holes. is an example of how to bundle such a plugin into a container that can be used to populate the volumeplugins directory. It contains: a script that speaks the flexvolume protocol a mount.cifs binary to handle the mounting (because hyperkube image doesn’t contain it) a static jq binary to unmarshal the data containing whatever is needed to implement the flexvolume actions $ docker run -v /etc/kubernetes/volumeplugins/ \ sigma/cifs_k8s_plugin /target Once this is in place (this is compatible with the CoreOS model of running kubelet in a rkt container by the way) this can be used to make volumes out of CIFS shares.

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